Finding and purchasing the right product for your project is only half the job.  Perhaps the hardest part is finding quality installation people to put down that perfect floor.  Many a wonderful carpet or hard surface product has been ruined by incompetetent installation.  Often times, removing or correcting a poor installation can cost many times over the original expenditure.

Carpet Source can help you with this no matter how you choose to purchase through us.  If you want to handle your own install, we can furnish you names of competent, trained installers who have proven themselves to us.   As an alternative, you can select a full service package. In that case, we do all the work, and accept all the responsibilitly for the job.  Rest assured we know the people we send out on your job will do it professionally.
Foundation products
Another important part of installation is using the proper foundation product for your project.  If it is carpet, we are proud to offer Carpenter Cushion, available in a variety of types, all with a lifetime warranty.  There are products to fit all desired ranges of feel and price.
When installing Ceramic tile, Laminate or hardwood, it is equally important to have the proper foundaton.  Carpet Source knows what to use in every situation you might encounter.  We will reccomend the exact foundation that will give you the best installation possible, along with long term performance.

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